This is ISPOT

    ISPOT - Individualized Sportsman-Development through Physiologically Optimized Training

    ISPOT is a complex system of applications to enhance the quality in youth sports.

    A basic system applies growth velocity estimates to customize training concepts. ISPOT-Assessments aim at the individualization of training plans during growth.

    Children and adolescents are understood to live through so called sensitive phases during growth. Within each phase, certain capabilities or aspects of athleticism can be developed best. To apply any knowledge about the timing of sensitive phases, one has to know an individual's biological age. Take note that biological age can differ quite substantially from a person's chronological age. Therefore, a system was developed to estimate the biological age of children and adolescents.


    By honoring the biological age of juniors, we all can do our best to support them!


    After years of application, it was demonstrated that the application of the system led to a huge reduction in burn-out and drop-out rates (non-published observation, Austrian Golfers Association 2014, EB Zwick and R Kocher).


    Even after adolescence a retrospective assessment of individual growth characteristics combined with a retrospective evaluation of an individual's history in sports can Bernhard used to detect individual potentials.


    ISPOT was first presented internationally at the
    World Scientific Congress of Golf 2008:
    (Coaching Junior Golfers based on Growth Velocity Estimates
    Ernst B. Zwick, Lutz Leistritz, Robert Kocher, WSCG V März 2008 Phoenix, AZ/USA -