ISPOT Athlete Testing

    Individualized screening to detect potentials in the area of general and sport-specific functional fitness. The screens are based on the newly designed Functional Athlete Screen (FAS).

    TPI Screening

    Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)
    Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)


    Standardized evaluation of the functional fitness of golf athletes. The MyTPI Program is used to outline individual profiles, which are utilized to create individualized workouts.

    An online application is a scientific approach to estimate the biological age of children and adolescents. and


    Counseling of sports organizations, clubs and associations. Participation in project development and implementation.

    To date, the following organizations were consulted:
    Austrian Golfers Association (ÖGV)
    Austrian Volleyball Association (ÖVV)
    SK Sturm Graz Soccer club academy
    Nordic Center Eisenerz (NAZ)
    Sports Performance University (SPU)
    Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)
    Austrian Professional Golfers Association (APGA)
    German Professional Golfers Association
    Functional Movement (SFMA)